We at LegalShield want to thank our valuable partners for allowing us to be part of the robust benefits package offered to all of your members. This year, in an effort to extend a higher level of service to all, we are excited to announce an opportunity for all members (and spouses!)

Web Enrollment Website:
Remember, we are your partners. This service is a service you want to have in place before problems arise. Everyone who participates on this website a portion of the revenue goes back into LSFA. Not just one time but annually!! The only way this will happen is with your help!!

Our company encourages you to get your WILL, Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney and Financial Power of Attorney completed. I know firsthand how scary it was having COVID and almost losing my mom to it. We are a subscription based membership so to enroll or re-enroll it is quick and simple. Once this is done I can send you a Will Questionnaire for your convenience. Your spouse can also get his or hers completed at no cost. Because of COVID we want to make sure everyone gets this done.
For those of you that have or had the LegalShield coverage, you have a very valuable area that is a trial defense coverage. This means if you or your spouse are named a defendant in a Civil suit, you have 60 hours when you sign up, 1st year anniversary 120, 2ndyear 180, 3rd year 240, 4th year 300. Then “each year” after that, you will renew 300 hours for the lifetime of your membership. That is like saying you have $18,000 of Attorney time each year and each year is accumulative. This is if the attorneys average cost is per hour of $300.00. $90,000 which does include pretrial.

There is a lot going on in the world right now and we are all remaining vigilant and attentive. We recognize that during times of uncertainty, the need for sound legal counsel is heightened. We want to reassure our members that we stand ready to serve your legal needs. We are prepared and are open with full service for LegalShield and IDShield. COVID is not going anywhere and we are here if you have legal concerns:

• Prepare Wills, Living Wills, Health Care Power of Attorney (NO COST)
• Healthcare access and availability
• Medical forms, healthcare directives and powers of attorney
• Unemployment fraud
• Speeding Tickets (covers you, spouse and children listed on your services)
• Consultation on any subject
• Travel plans and restrictions, cancellations, and reimbursements
• Insurance processes and claims
• Housing matters and related bills for essential services
• Childcare concerns and education and school needs or resources
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LegalShield and each of our provider law firms stand open and ready for business to support you in this time. Our law firms are prepared and will provide services without interruption. Now is the time to take comfort and peace of mind that you are not alone, and we are there for help. IDShield is built to protect and empower you. Unfortunately, we are seeing increased fraud and identity theft in times like this and our licensed private investigators are there for you. There are many phishing or scam email campaigns playing upon the fears of our citizens arising from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We want to reassure you that we stand ready to serve your legal and identity theft needs.