Attention LSFA Members

Please see the message from the State Capitol, regarding the lump sum State Supplemental Pay. Chad argued, but it is beyond the PFFA's control. This is not what was voted upon nor agreed upon, but it’s not the first time that they have just done as they so choose. 

In attempt to answer the firefighter's question regarding the one-time lump sum $1200 payment contained in HB1:

In September, JLCB clarified language from HB1 and determined that the additional supplemental pay would be paid at $100/month. Since that time, the Treasury has sent out back payments for July, August, and September for deputy sheriffs and will begin the $100/month this month (October). That is the only group they disburse payments for.

The Department of Public Safety handles municipal police, firefighters, and constables and JPs. DPS has a new system for tracking supplemental pay that just so happens to be going online this month. If all goes well, payments could be made by the end of October. If not, it would be November or December before the additional funds are paid, depending on how well the system performs and how quickly.

So, bottom line, nobody will be getting the $1200 lump sum. There should be a lump back payment from DPS at some point, then it will be $100 per month.

If you have any concerns or complaints, please your contact State Representative or Senator.

Relief Fund for Injured New Iberia Firefighters

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Online Voting

The 3rd and 6th Districts will be having an election for a new district representative. There will also be a vote by the General Membership on the dues increase we proposed.

The positions for District Representative will be accessed through The proposed constitution/bylaw change will be done by attending in person or via If members are planning to attend the general meeting via ZOOM, they will be required to pre-register for the general membership meeting. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us.

A detailed description of the voting process will be out shortly to all member departments.

Part Time Firefighters Needed

The Duson, Judice and Milton Fire Departments are currently seeking qualified applicants to fill several positions of Part Time Firefighters.
🔥Job descriptions:🔥
-Part time firefighters will work daytime shifts Monday through Sunday (shift work) consisting of 9-hour work days at $15 an hour. Hours vary between 7:00am to 4:00 pm or 7:30 am-4:30 pm
-Firefighters will respond to all incidents within the city limits and unincorporated areas of each Fire District. 
-Firefighters must have experienced pump (engineer) training and or certifications, with a minimum requirement of FF1 certification 
-Firefighters must have a positive attitude and be a willing to assist the departments as we move forward.  
If you are a motivated individual looking to work, please contact the Chief of the department at the numbers below to fill out an application.
Part time firefighters can work for more than one department at a time. You allowed to work 27 hours per department.

Duson Fire Department
800 1st Street
Duson LA, 70529
Chief Coby Duhon

Judice Fire Department
401 Ranch Road
Duson La 70529
Chief Troy Lopez

Milton Fire Department
1910 Savoy Road
Youngsville LA 70592
Chief Damon Broussard



The Louisiana State Firemen’s Association has set up a Hurricane Ida Firefighter Relief Fund to assist firefighters throughout the state of Louisiana who sustained major damages to their homes. All funds collected will be distributed to firefighters to help with rebuilding their lives! Please donate now! Send donations to PayPal account




Important COVID-19 Update


As a statement of general principle, PIAL is not requiring fire departments to undertake actions or activities in connection with a grading which would contradict the provisions or purpose of the emergency declaration. PIAL will not penalize fire departments in a PPC grading for not undertaking activities during the effective period of this policy which would contradict the provisions or purpose of the declaration of emergency.

For gradings scheduled to be conducted in 2020, such gradings would utilize data from 2019, prior to the declaration of emergency. However, the on-site portion of the grading would be conducted in 2020. Any fire department which has an on-site grading scheduled to occur during the effective dates of this policy may, at its option, request that the on-site activities be rescheduled to a date in 2020 which is subsequent to the termination of the declaration of emergency. For those fire departments which do not wish to reschedule the on-site portion of their gradings until a later date, PIAL will proceed to conduct the on-site portion of the grading on the previously scheduled date.

For gradings scheduled to be conducted in 2021, such gradings would normally use data from 2020. Due to the existence of the state of emergency, and the restrictions on activities during the state of emergency which would otherwise occur, PIAL will accept the following data, at the option of the fire department: either (1) the fire department’s data from 2019; or (2) data from the period of time in 2020 which excludes the time period in which the COVID-19 declaration of emergency is in effect, which will then be annualized for the year 2020.

Any questions concerning this policy should be directed to Blaine Rabe, Municipal Division Manager of PIAL, at


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