1. Louisiana State Firemen’s Association and Special Risk Insurance will host a minimum of two (2) CISM Training Sessions annually within the State of Louisiana.
  2. One training session will be held in the spring. The other training session will be held in the fall after the annual conference.
  3. The first ten (10) to register for each class will attend the training session at no cost, with the exception of travel, lodging and meals.
  4. Registration for all classes will be available at via Membership Portal.
  5. Members attending class must be a member in good standing with the LSFA.
  6. Member must a resident of the State of Louisiana.
  7. Each member receiving free class attendance must agree to serve on the CISM Team for a period of two years.
    1. This means being available at a moment’s notice to activate for a CISM Debriefing or Defusing when called upon.